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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Down the Toilet

I went to see “Skylight” with Carrie Mulligan and Bill Nighy on Broadway yesterday. I highly recommend you catch it if you have the chance.

But it isn’t the play that I’m thinking about right now. It’s the theater and the frustrating business of needing to pee.

Any woman worth her weight in salt has felt the inequity of how long we must wait in line for the loo while the men breezily walk in and out of their assigned areas with nary a moment’s delay in taking a leak.

Entertainingly, the women’s bathrooms in many old theaters on Broadway were built purposely smaller than the men’s. Hugh Hardy, an architect figured out the reason why. Back in the day of corsets and bustles, women simply couldn’t use the powder room and be in their seats in time for the performance. There was simply too much to undo. So they remained in their seats in all probability quite undone. I wonder if they suffered from bladder infections and UTIs?

The cause of my annoyance in the theater yesterday was that while the men’s facilities were mostly underutilized and the line for the can was a 15 minute wait for us gals, I decided to use the men’s room. Another woman of a certain age kept watch while I heeded nature’s call. Well! The backlash of our fellow comrades was quite a surprise. Amid the clucking of their dismay, one lady declared that perhaps it would be ok “to do such a thing at a Wednesday matinee, but my goodness never on a Saturday!” Ha! If I wasn’t so outraged at her lack of feminine solidarity, I may have even chuckled.

I wonder if in my lifetime, I will experience co-ed toilets? You must think it would solve the problem of the exceedingly longer lines for us women, no?


  1. Seriously! Friday night, I went to dinner with some friends and there were 2 women's room, and 1 men's room! Hooray! One of these days... Good for you - even on a Saturday!

  2. It would solve a lot of problems. Thanks for stepping into the fray. Every civil rights issue in the United States has had bathrooms at the forefront. you hit the nail on the head in your (urin)alysis.



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