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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Web Siren

   As with any addiction, hers was consuming.  It rocked her suburban soccer mom world and split her in two.  It created continual static in her brain compelling her to lead simultaneous lives; preferring the unattainable one to her own reality.  While she sought refuge from her tedious level-headedness, it resurrected her from her self-imposed black hole.  It was a quick fix; alluringly flattering yet cautiously anonymous.
 It was almost 7PM.  They finished dinner, she cleared the table, washed the dishes.  She blandly busied herself while he pulled together his files, briefcase, mobile phone.   She tried to hide her annoyance while he plodded about; obviously he was not in any hurry.  She took comfort in his obsessive punctuality; he’d be leaving shortly.  “What time are you home?” she asked, mentally tallying the moments she’d have available to indulge her habit.  “About ten-ish.”  That gave her 3 precious hours, assuming of course the kids would be cooperative and leave her alone.  A few more moments of this ordeal and he was out the door, heading off to convince some poor drone he couldn’t live another day without a long-term disability policy or upping his death benefit to $2,000,000.
It began simply; out of curiosity; with a foray into one of those chat rooms.  She was good at commanding an audience, particularly that of the cyber persuasion.  She meandered about, without reserve; saying most anything; free to be the woman she imagined being; the woman she desired to be.  The obsession began with her dissatisfaction and would end with her destruction. 

He kissed her goodbye, a quick peck on the cheek.  She mumbled, “Love you, be careful.”


  1. So mysterious! So intriguing. I was immediately hooked, reading to find out what the obsession was. It seems fitting that the male character is a life insurance saleman. He seems to be married to a woman who needs a real life. Then a perfect ending - Be careful! I am already imagining the movie trailer! Keep writing!!! You've hook me. I want to know more...

  2. Wow! I'm wondering if the "be careful" caution is really for him or if it is also for her!

    I'm ready for more!!! I NEED to know more. That is the power of great writing! THANKS!

  3. Like everyone else, I'm waiting for the next installment. A little impatient. Okay, a lot.

  4. This is really cool. It seems like you're writing a story in parts for the SOL challenge. I'm kind of doing that too. I'd love to read more!

  5. I am very intrigued. What is her addiction? Why is he clueless? Love anonymity. I'll be back to read more, but I guess that is the whole point!


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