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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Opting Out

I teach third grade. Third grade is the first year children will take standardized tests here in school in New York.

Some parents are worried about the undo stress these exams are causing their kids. I’m doing my best to keep things low key in our classroom-doing the required test prep but trying to make it seem less dry than it actually is. A daunting task!

My own kids are adults now but I do find myself wondering what I’d do as the parent of an 8-year old regarding the upcoming ELA and Math tests and opting out.

I don’t believe in quitting.

As a parent, is it possible to opt out without sending that message?

However, these students are young. Are they even developmentally prepared to sit for so long to take these tests?

And what about the curriculum?

What most parents do not consider is that opting out will not erase what is happening in our classrooms. Our instruction has become measurement-driven.

And to them, I say; “Opting out is just prolonging the inevitable.”

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