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I am a second-career teacher. In my other life, I crunched numbers as an accountant. Probably would have made a great math teacher had the thought occurred to me. No matter, I'm where I'm supposed to be; teaching third grade. Before that, 2nd grade and before that kindergarten. I have 2 grown daughters, 2 poodles, and 1 hubby. I live and work on Long Island.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Breathe deep
Long     deep     breaths 
Fill your lungs
Make your tummy rise with each inhale
As you release the breath feel yourself letting go

Imagine this…..

a beautiful waterfall of white light flows down onto you
Close your eyes
Feel the warmth of that light as you gently release the tension you feel from your life

Slowly walk down the staircase in front of you one step at a time
Stepping lightly on each step
Continue down the staircase 
You will reach a door
Turn the knob and gently push the door open

Walk through the door, your toes will tickle the soft sand beneath your feet
Sunlight shines above your head
Look up and see the endless blue and cloudless sky
Spread your blanket upon the sand and lie down
Let the sun’s warmth heat your body as you let go
Listen to the ocean slurp upon the shore as the tension leaves your body

As you relax, think of what you wish for in your life
Write your wishes on a piece of paper
Fold this paper and put it inside a bottle
With the bottle corked, walk down to the water and toss the bottle into the ocean.

Now think about what you would like to let go of in your life
What is not serving you, what makes you tired
With your finger, write these things upon the sand
When the tide returns, it will wash them away from your life

Now go back to your blanket, 
Lie down and breathe
Pay attention to the breath
Remain here for as long as you like
You are full of energy and strength
Feel all the white light filling your heart 
You are full of love.



  1. I relaxed as I read this wonderful meditation! Your descriptions are so vivid, just what a reader needs to go to that place of renewal.

  2. You have captured the notion of conscious movement and thought in your meditative piece. I felt it in every line. Celebrating and acknowledging small yet significant moments is a critical skill as a writer. Your piece clearly demonstrate your ability in this area.


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