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I am a second-career teacher. In my other life, I crunched numbers as an accountant. Probably would have made a great math teacher had the thought occurred to me. No matter, I'm where I'm supposed to be; teaching third grade. Before that, 2nd grade and before that kindergarten. I have 2 grown daughters, 2 poodles, and 1 hubby. I live and work on Long Island.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


A new puppy…

adorably clumsy plowing around

focused singly on whatever he hears

child-like in his curiosity

distracted absent-mindedly

snuggled with his teddy-dog.

I’d forgotten that time is no longer mine.

Now it is shared with

a loving life, happy to be home

Leo is a Standard Poodle Puppy
Age: 7 months


  1. I have a 8 month old Golden Retriever - so I very much related to your post! Puppy-life well captured!

  2. Puppies - I am glad he has you. Your writing has a strong voice and I can so relate. I love the time when they are little and you can just cuddle them.


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