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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 Things I Know For Sure – Observations of a Clothes Horse (Inspired by the monthly column in the Oprah Magazine)

1.   Fashion history repeats itself.  If you know what works for your shape and your style, chances are that a timeless favorite can be updated with the look of the season.  I always make room in my closet for my best-learned clothing secrets. All it takes is a new spin on something old to make it new again.
soft neutrals with touches of mustard at Club Monaco
2.  Don’t be afraid to have mostly neutral clothes in your closet. Neutrals are the key ingredients of any color palette.  They allow flexibility in putting outfits together and promote a classic style of dressing. Rather than buying staples that reflect the color of the season, why not add color through accessorizing? It's a more practical and economical way of building your wardrobe. 
3.  Take risks. If you think there’s even the slimmest chance 2 pieces will go together, give it a try! People notice when you pair unexpected things together in a way that works. If your attitude is confident, your outfit goes further!
4. Black will always be the new black! And it goes with everything. Even navy or brown. There is no more luxurious combination than black with camel. A navy sweater with a black pencil skirt is pure glam!

5. Chunky baubles have their place but delicate jewels carry the message of understated elegance. 


  1. Your comments on the classic pieces remind me of my days at J. Crew. We called them staples. It's hard to believe that I knew so much about clothing at one point, and am still pretty confident that I understand it. There's a lot that goes into it! Thanks for the post!


  2. I'm with you on the basic black, brown or blue. I am not very colorful nor stylish....but I sure wish someone would come and lay out my clothes for me in the morning!

  3. I used to wear mostly neutrals, but then I decided that wearing colors makes me much happier! I am slowly adding some color to my closet--next to black of course!

  4. I like this take on Oprah's column. I bet you could write more posts just like it about other topics. 5 Things I know for sure about writing. 5 things I know for sure about shopping...etc.

    1. I am sure I can write about shopping….but I'm not sure about writing! :)

  5. A wonderful idea for structuring a slice! I do love color , thiugh - something jazzy to add a "pop" to my day.

  6. Let me tell you one thing I hope doesn't come back in... the rolled up jeans look from the 1980's. What WAS that!??!


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