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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Important Thing

My second graders and I were inspired to write after reading Margaret Wise Brown's
the important thing about the sky
by margaret wise brown
The Important Book.

We wrote this together as a shared writing piece after brainstorming ideas about why
writing is important..

The important thing about writing is that it lets you give out your emotions and tell the world how you feel.

Sometimes you feel sad and that’s ok to write about.

Sometimes the person who reads your writing will feel sad or maybe….will cheer you up!

Sometimes you can write about your hopes and dreams.
But the important thing about writing is to write what is in your heart.

by kabir

by noa
by carly


  1. I'm happy to be here witnessing something wonderful. I just stopped by Michele's Literacy Zone http://literacyzone.blogspot.com/2013/03/solsc-testing-101-531.html and read her poem about what it's like to watch her kids take THE TEST.
    Keep us smiling,

  2. The important thing about writing is making other people feel HAPPY - this post did just that! Please thank your students. 2nd graders appear to be quite insightful beings. Maybe I should spend time with them.

  3. They know what's important about writing and every word is so true. You never know how important it is to write until you start writing. Glad you are still in for the challenge.


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