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I am a second-career teacher. In my other life, I crunched numbers as an accountant. Probably would have made a great math teacher had the thought occurred to me. No matter, I'm where I'm supposed to be; teaching third grade. Before that, 2nd grade and before that kindergarten. I have 2 grown daughters, 2 poodles, and 1 hubby. I live and work on Long Island.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Peeking in Windows

Inside, the lights are on.
Half empty dishes to be cleared off tables set with fine linen, crystal, china, silver.

Men relaxing, reclining in dining room chairs at fully extended dining room tables. 
Gesturing, smiling, talking serious business talk.

The women, getting ready the sweets, the coffee, tea.
An assembly line that loads the dishes, hand washes the platters, dries them, puts them back where they belong.

Children, playing; trying to find the hidden matzoh for a prize. Running, laughing, chasing each other.

The car, driving down the block, peeking in windows.
The driver, just for tonight is envious of what is inside.


  1. I've done the same thing while walking the dog. It's always fun to imagine the lives of others and make up stories for them. Depending on the day I have also felt that envy. Great topic.

  2. As a driver, you do sometimes catch glimpses of the ideal life...but things aren't always what they seem...our eyes only tell us part of the story...


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