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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Am An Eavesdropper

I am an eavesdropper. There it is. I confess to it.

There are some times when I voyeuristically just listen but there other times when….well ….
I admit that there are also some times when I barge right on in (but always politely of course!)

Here is a story of one of those times.

The author of a recent book I read was speaking at our local bookstore. I got there early so I could sit in the front row.

Sitting there waiting alone and mostly self-conscious among the women-filled audience; I clutched my copy of The Red Leather Diaries; I listened in to the dangling conversations swirling around.

Hearing all those snippets of book chatter made me long for a book club.

Read this! A journey into the past.
Zeroing in on the delightful dialogue directly behind me, I knew what my next step would be.
Taking a deep breath, I spun around to take a complimentary course. 

“I can tell you are enchanted with Lily Koppel and the story of the diary,” I said.

That was my opener…that’s it. The three women who were sitting behind me graciously welcomed me into the conversation before the author, Lily got to the podium to speak.

The quality of that itty bit of book talk was inspiring. It catapulted me to another realm as I listened to that author’s writing journey.

When it was over, I turned to say good-bye to my new acquaintances. We murmured our content with the evening.

Much to my surprise and complete pleasure, these three women, these strangers invited me to join them at their next book club meeting!

I hope I have the guts to go.


  1. So nice! Nothing like a good group of people to discuss books with! Enjoy!

  2. You do have the guts! Go! And then tells us about it. Sounds like I need the Red Leather Diary too.

  3. Me and a friend were in NYC a few weekends ago, and she was eavesdropping too. I told her that my mother used to do that...eavesdrop to the point of actually slipping in a comment here and there, and then miraculously becoming part of the convo. Nice work. Hope you go to the book club meeting. I'm in a book club and it's fun, fun. We never pick a book we like collectively, but we do have fun.


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