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Friday, March 29, 2013

How Old is Too Old for Candy?

I’ve never seen an old person eating Peeps, Candy Corn, or Swedish Fish. I think M&Ms are perhaps ageless and Hershey’s chocolate bars most definitely are. But once you start with the chewy stuff that could yank the teeth out of your mouth in one sticky chew, I’m thinking that those are better left to the young.

I still enjoy Smarties, Gummy Lifesavers or for that matter, any type of hard to chew candy. But I wonder, will I ever be too old for them? 


  1. I've never thought about that before. I began to picture my dad with his dentures (he's had them since a young age) and the orange chewy candies he loves. I wonder if he'll be able to eat them when he's older because he has fake teeth? Now, I will be paying attention to candy eating in a different way this Easter.

  2. I am just sure that we will never be too old for any type of candy!

  3. I much prefer the gummy, chewy stuff. I have a bag in my drawer that is tempting me, but I keep saying not until Easter, No matter anyone's age a person should never give up what makes them truly happy.

  4. You will never be too old for candy. Maybe some candy will be hard to chew, but chocolate will melt on your tongue no matter how old you are.

  5. I'm a pushover for Russell Stover marshmallow and caramel eggs, santas, hearts.... whatever the season. Right now I have 3 Santas tucked away in the pantry waiting for a panic attack. Of course, the new crop of eggs is ready for hatching. Caramel eggs, here I come!
    Peeps have never tempted me, but the peeps from the local candy shoppe are dipped in chocolate. I just might try those. Enjoy!!


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