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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't Count the Comments

I’ll admit that with each slice I post, I count the comments. It’s funny, I know I shouldn’t. But let's face it; comments make us feel good and urge writers onward. They act as proof that we have touched someone with our written words. 

Yesterday's comment competition validated my obsession. It also got me thinking about the influence our posts have on readers who may not leave a comment. 

For example, the other morning I was poking around in different slices and I came across an absolutely incredible poem for teaching second graders about list poems. Not only was the poem out of this world, but the slicer put it on a Haiku Deck (which if you haven’t ever seen, you must check out as soon as you finish reading my slice)! I was so caught up in the brilliance of it, that I lost track of the time and neglected to comment.

So here’s a belated comment for Diana Martin at One Literacy Coach

Dear Diana,
Thank you so very much for inspiring my writing lesson for today. My students took off with their These I Am poems in the way that every teacher of writing hopes her students will take off! And as if the poetry writing wasn’t enough, I told my best friend at work, a major techie about Haiku Deck and now she’s using it with her newly acquired classroom iPads.

And one more thing, today I received an email from Adam Tratt, CEO at Haiku Deck and this is what he said:

                             ….welcome to our community of dreamers,
 idea creators, information energizers, classroom igniters, and
thought provokers.   I just may add them to my own These I Am poem!

by jaeden

by grace

by lauren

by megan


  1. WOW! Just wow, Rissa! First of all thanks so much for the mention. I am so happy to share ideas. My post was inspired by Betsy! And the writing your kids produced is AMAZING! Their poems give me goosebumps. Please tell Jaeden, Grace, Lauren, and Megan that there words are very powerful and they have inspired me. <3

  2. I don't so much count comments as notice which posts receive the most comments. Sometimes the posts that take a few minutes to write get loads of comments, and other posts that I pour my heart into get just a few. Interesting, isn't it?

    Love your students' writing! I'm going to try one of my own and share the idea with my staff! Thanks!


  3. The comments are more nourishing than I had ever imagined they would be.

  4. Comments matter, no doubt. Sometimes I learn from the comments as much as from the slices. Inspiration can come from both. Thank you for sharing the poems. These are awesome.

  5. I hope everyone enjoyed more comment love yesterday. Hopefully it'll continue. :)

    BTW: Thanks for sharing those poems. They're fantastic!

  6. Yes, comments do give me that small rush to know that someone has read my blog. Now I need to go back and reply to some. Love the poems you shared...I love reading work written by students.


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