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Monday, January 18, 2010

Literary Response Questions for Second Graders

When 7 year-olds read books, the most important connections they make are to themselves. The questions they can answer may have to do with their own lives but we want to push them to think beyond themselves.

Here are some questions second graders may respond to while reading independently, or during read aloud.

1. What is the setting of the story? Where does the story take place and over what period of time?
2. Can you tell if the characters live in an urban, suburban, or rural community? How can you tell?
3. How does the author describe the setting? Do the illustrations help describe it?
4. Who is the main character? How would you describe her/him?
5. Does the character go through a change in the book? Describe the change.
6. Name and describe the other characters in the story.
7. Describe the problem in the story and how it is solved.
8. Does the author have a message? Is there something you learned from this story?
9. How did the character feel in the beginning of the story? At the end?
10. Were you surprised by the ending? How did you think it would end?
11. Did you like this book? Why?
12. Read the dedication and any information about the author. Do you think this book was inspired by real life events? How can you tell?
13. Go back and re-read the lead. Did the author give you a clue about the story in the lead?
14. Did you feel like you didn't want this book to end? Why?
15. Would you read other books by this author?
16. Where did the problem begin in this story? Was it at the beginning or more towards the middle? (Identify the part)

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